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A Most Beautiful Story
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A Beautiful Story: Making God's Story Yours

Then his musical maturity led him to develop his personal style, reinventing the message of the tradition of the great bass players of Afro-American music, which Rosario Bonaccorso revisits with contemporary, freshness and personality. It is important to point out his debut on the Italian national scene that took place in during the International Festival Ciak in Milano alongside stars of the jazz scene: Franco Ambrosetti, Daniel Humair and Dado Moroni. After years of prestigious collaborations and having contributed with his musical support to the success of many jazz artists, Rosario Bonaccorso is listed amongst the most appreciated Italian bass players in the international scene.

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Out of all these experiences finally Rosario Bonaccorso dedicated himself to the creation of his own albums and to the leadership of the own groups. The Memorial Naco is characterized with events in six days consisting of prestigious concerts, educational programs, seminars and international competition for creative percussionists.

Rosario Bonaccorso wird am 8.

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It all started with a Silver Factory There once was a small silver factory in a city called Kathmandu, the Nepali capital. Our story begins in the year During that year the factory offered jobs to twenty outstanding silver smiths, who created the most amazing jewelry.

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It all started with a Silver Factory There once was a small silver factory in a city called Kathmandu, the Nepali capital. Our story begins in the year During. Beautiful Story (feat. Mia Fieldes) Song Lyrics | The Belonging Co Lyrics | Christian Music Song Lyrics | NewReleaseToday.

Dambar, the owner of the factory, was looking for more customers to buy his stunning products. More customers meant more sales, which in return would let him secure employment for the men under his care. From Coffee marketer to entrepreneur At that time, Cathelijne was working in the marketing department of coffee brand Douwe Egberts.

During a break they had tea in lovely old porcelain cups and a new idea bubbled up. According to a Dutch saying, shards are lucky. So why not create a lucky bracelet?